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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  December 8, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EST

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this holiday, give the gift of ferrero rocher. ferrero rocher... make your moments golden. ♪ "actionews," delaware valley's leading newsrram with jim gardner. > it mondayight and the big story on "action news" tonight is donald trump now
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callingo ban all mlims from cominin e united states. onef trump's rivals calls him in south carolina he read from his own press rease. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shdown of muslims enting the unid st until our untry's representatives can figure o wh the hell is going on. >>rump said the proposal comes inesponse to what he called a vel of hatred in large segments of the musm population towards americans. repubcan psidential candidate jeb bush sd donald ump is unhinged. his proposals bush said are not hillary clinton called trump's proposal reprehenble, prejudic and says trumpust doest get it.
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said chris christ, there are folks in this race who don't care about what the l says because they are used to being able to just fire people discritely on telesion. theolice are iestiting what could be an anti-muslim the sieevered head of a pig outside of the mosque. the muslim are prohibited from eating pork and . commission are all invesgating the incident. it left some here at mque fearf and en the mayor-elect kenney expressed his outrage over the incide. surveillance oge outde of the mosque sws a red pick up truck driving by twice just befo 11: p.m. sunday. it shows the truck passing by real slowly, and t second time
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the passenger se tsing what on appears to be this sered hd of a pig found in fnt of the mosque this morning. picks are condered insults to muslims. >> it scared the committee, they fear tt god forbid it could be a bom >> the caretar of the mask says it is the second incident they have seen. the day after the pis attack an anonymous caller left a despicable voicemail. >> hope you peoe areappy out what did you in france. >>aptured the cler fromhe 610 area code. isot determined if the two incidents are connected. >> he knowse didn't do it. >> the mayor-elect says that of chlenge.ether in the face cannot aow hate to dive us n inhe case of unprecedented difficulties. he asked philalphianso enj him in rejecting this dpicable act. in a holiday celebraon they
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were treating them to food a coa r t needy, and some know tre is aer and fr over e deadly attas, the is concern about what happened at the mosque. better doing what they did. >> i think some people of the wod areick and it is a very fortunate situation. >> tragic. it is uecessa and it makes me sad. and it's a lotf ev throughout the world. >> again, the incidents are being investited, b officialsay it is t ely to tell what potenal charges could be filed if they catch the perso responsible. live in kensington f channel 6 "actionews." >> thank you. howing you a picture from july ofast year. we just got ts pictu tonight. it shows syed farook and his wife, tashfeen lik at oare
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parpt in chicago. enterg the u.s. the first tim authorities stay they both have been radicalized for "quite some time." and going back to wk toda and aigil to honor the 14 people killed and 21 injured, 6 whom are still in the hospital. e have developing news this a 12-ih water main ruptured at 9:30 at k stre. it buckled the waternd flooded the streets. and they just got the valves turns off 15 mines ago and service andhey willegin repairs to the main in the morning. the philadelphia police charged a man and woman wi murderi a 54ear-old woman in the womas fhtown home and we have the details live at police
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headquarrs. what's the story? >> jim, kathy wilson' family too upset to talk, underably so only sharinghe had a heart of gold and didn't deserve to die the wayhe d and at theands of those she trusted. mon, that's when they say jane johnson ich jam cheev were after when they beat her in her fitown home. >> they got in under the premise ofleaning her house. once insi they dand her money. she h it hidn and they reatedly at her until s toltmhere it was at. >> and wilson on the first floor, hair pulled out and blood everywhere. she recently inherited money, $20,0 to $25,000as stolen. >> kind of fige it was gone. >>his neighboridn'tant her fe on camera put told he is that she would see the suspects at wilson home seval times a wee when they were coming in and out
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of the hous >> no, not really. kathy has a l of trust in pple. >> and they describe jnson as the mastermind working for wilson for yes. originally trying to pinhe crime her boyfriend befo they both confessed. the neibors struggle to make sense of the act uolding steps from the doors. >> in here i can't -- it like being broken hearted. >> it is crazyou can have sone come ino house that you trust and then all of a sudden you are just like they are going to do that to you? that's for what, h can y stab someone in e ck like that? theistrust there is insane. are waiting for a search warrant to enter into the suspect's home. there they expect to fd the stolen cash. rorting live at police adquarters for chanl "action news." jim? >> thank you. two philadelphia high school students are in serious trouble withhe law tonight, accused of assaulting a teache it happened at george washington high school in the northeast at
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10:00 ts morning. pole say the 16 d 17-year-old boys pushes their way into a ninth grade classroom to try to retrie a cell phone. that escalated io a physical school district authorities say one of the suspects punched the teacher in the face. >> t law ruires this be looked at as an aravated assault. we will ao be puring our district of philadelphia, which could lead to up to expulsn. >> the tcher w takeno the spal to be checked ou a third student has since been arreste we d't yet know what their alleged role was. radnorolice say they will have ext patrols around the high school tomorrow stricys a precaution. a single round of ammunition was found in a school hallway today prompti a lockwn. and they swept the building, bo found anymore bulle and
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the police ge the all-clear saying there is nonown threat. the state trooper st last night resting at home after doctors removed a bullet. the .45 caliber round landed in his shoulder on t gunttle on the vine stre pressway. the 31-year-old lawman underwe an outpaent procedure at hahnemann university hospital d it will be used as evidence. > and former wide receiver irving fryar d his mher a paying restituon following theiconvictions in a mortgage fraud. prosecutors say theother a n took out multiple moge loans usi e same property. new battle lines drawn in harrisburg, tsime govnor tom wolf on the sidelines. the hse and senate approved eir own budget and tax plans,
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but tre is a $5 million difference. thsenate plan hasore mon for education, but is more expensive and incdes more tes. and wfays hcould support ther bill. he'll see if the house and senate can comprose. >>swarthmore college the latest schl to rescind an honora agree to bill cosby. saying its whol inconsistent with our values and to agreeiegs weannot let it hand. a cosby has claimed no wrongdoi and not charged. and a lukoil gas station tting aention for pumping up price rular for $38 a gallon. most drivershe staon on ddonfield is a head skacher no reason to stophere when it is
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$ $1.79 but if you a not paying attention you might g a raw dea >> i went ts one time, i don't o and i tdim you are out of don't come here, $3.99 a gallon. how are you doing that? >>t is ripping pple off. it is not right what his >> not only dvers are confud, lukoil the company told "action news" it is currently in litigatn to strip the station owner ofis franchise. that's not the station ner, he works for the station owner. t company says it has t pped goline to the stati for several months, so it don't kn wh brand is actlly coming out ofhe pumps. still toome tonit, a billy throws a wnch in the pep boys sale. nd wt the justice department willook for during its investition of the chica if you have not heard, kim
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kardashian and kanye west announced t name their second child two days after t child was bo. 57 degrees, 9 degrees above normal. temperatures take a bit of a hit tomorw before theyre off to the race this is weekd. i am tracking the record warmth in the accuweather forecast. and ducis rodgers with chip kelly in a better mood today, thats chip, not ducis. and chip pls off one of the grt nfl uets othe season when "action news" continues.
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os angelesolice csed a dui suspect during a pursuit today reaching sedsf 100 the chase began this aftnoon and lasted for 2 1 hours. the police used a spike strip to pophe truck's tires. t driver raidn the c r at least an hour, surrounded by swat officers. the driver was eventlly the jusce department has
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launched an investigation into the chicago pice dertment. looking at the department's use of force including racial and two weeks after t city released video showing a white black teener.oot and kill a that office jason van dyke, has now been charged with laan mcdonald's murder. serces in our area and across the country marking the 7h attack on pearl harb. and some aendea ceremy in hawaii. japanese forces attacked the u.s. military base killing 2400 pple. ocourse, t attkroht the unid states into world war ii. the u.s. naval academy says it is preparing to open the ny seals screening process to women andt could hpen next year. one week after t pentagon all combat pos to women.openi
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> and meom surviving east canc. ne in t survive at least ve yes. and there are an estimated 3.1 breast cancer you a -- survivors in the unid states one. and t american cancer society and creating a pan with bast cancer svivohip guidelines. helping them with anxiety and depression, chemorain and pain managemto wom c live better, not just longer. will not rubber stamp deal, with office depot and staples.
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allowing staples to buy tm out willeado higher prices. and a wrench into the pep boys $8 million buy out from the bdgestone corpation. today, they dropped the offer disclosing he already bght stock andep boys has not anunced the response. ne ever the b of e attractions,he a zoo shutdown because of flooding. sever walkwaysnder water and moats ud for barers between the animals and visors flood, and there is concern the animals can simplywim aro them. it hasn't happened yet. close to inches of rain fell in a 24-hour period. all rit, here we go. reality tv star kimardashian and her husband, kanye west, have named e son saint west.
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rshi gaveirth early saturday morng, waiting until today to make t nampublic of the saint weighed in at 8 pounds 1 ounce and joins older sister, north, who is 2 years old. dozens of hard-working ms fr camden treated to an evening of pampering tonight. the salvaon army hosng operation cinderella. and the women enjoyed a shopping trip to the cheyill mall arrivals in limousines and given gift cards to spend on thselv. ♪ "action news" at 30th street staon in philelphia. a crowdathering tonight to celebre theecdight of hanukkah. part, and ao music and tree potato pancakes. andhe eight-day jewish festival beg at sunset yesterd. and going to ceciltynan not with the 8-day forecast
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>> happy hanukkah by the way. a wm start t holiday and a little rain out there. and the rain rlly jt skirting the coast, and most areas not seeing any rain at all. of rain that's right overhe rden state parkway from atlantic ci, oceanville, beach haven and surf city. really can't get farther to the west than egg harbor. and alsohe coast storm pulling out to sea as we speak, and clouds breakg near philadelphia. the high 57, 9 degrees above norma allentown 41. millville 40. trenton 45. wilmington 41. and sea isle ci with the cloud cover and the ocean temperare 51 degrees, a little warmer, 50 degrees there. satelli 6 and action radar showing ts is a fast-ming system. the coastal storm, you can see
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it is pulling away. aas to the west, the clos clouds will be outf here the dbreatomoow. we're looking at a good amount of suhine. tempares abovehe ava hh for this time of year, but nots mild as today. at 7:00, 37. by 100, 43. 1:00, 49. and by 4:00, 50 degrees. aot of people really want to getutside wh this kind of weaeand enj it one thing i do want to ne thgh, it is an air qlity alert day tomorrow. we have what's known as an inversion. warmer air higher in the the surfaceir can't really mick -- mix outo you have a lot of things likeog that can form. and if you have asma, a good idea to limit your outdoor activy. typically seen in the summer not in decemb. a bringings partly sunny ies beginning the process owafr. 56he high on wednesday. this preure mov to t nor
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thuday and friday, and a lot of clouds and tempetures on low 60's.side. a we should make it up into e m 60's by the end of the eke. it is certainlyot going to feel likehe middle of decemr at all. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, plenty of not quite as warm as today, but 48 degrees is the average high for this time of year. it is about 3 degrees above that. 51 degrees on wednesy. partly sunny with a hh of 56. thursday and friday, more cloud some sunshe. but temperatures up into the low 60's. 60 thursday, 61 on frid, and the weekend,ook at this! degrees on saturday. that's just 2 degrees shy of the report high. sundalooks le we wlie the record of 65 degrees set back in the 1920's. if your headinto theagles game really don'tave to bundle up at all. and monday we haveoisture moving in, but a high of 65 degrees. it will be ra, not snow. were dinitely getting a
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break on our heating bills. s resorts in the poconos a hoping for cldn they are hurting the. >> they are hurting there, thank you, cecily. > a northhilalphia community me totr tonh to help the needynd have se f. tonight the ridge on the rise business district closed off its 2300lock of ridge anue to light the tr. people in need were aoble to get a new coat for the wint. everybody had some delious fd. the north philadelphia foot stompers and santala also ere to entertain the crowd. ♪ ocal elementary a middle school students helpedpp rby get intohe holay spirit toght. and during thennualree and santa claus
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>> so he justouldn't wait to be king. lebron james signed a lifetime deal with nike. the lgest sgle alete
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guarantee in the company's history. financial terms have not been dclosed. lebron james signed his first 7-year $90 million nike deal before he even graduedrom he entered the dft in 20. chip kellys in a better mood tonight. >>e is feeli good about what hapn srday but n living off just that. a full day later and still as impresve as imobable. a it could jump a start what has been a flat season for the birds. chip kelly not poundingis chest about what happened yesterday, focused on tomorrow and beyond. >> we take each week as an individual season. and we answered that question after the dallas game, what wl tt do f you and we went out andost to miami. our totalocus a concentration is just on buffalo. we will highlht what we did well, but we ao hava lot of mistakes we still have to still contue to correc for a of you tailgers the nhl said the kickoff for the december 20 eagles-cardils game moved from 10 p.m. to
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8:30 p.m. a curious move when they signed hi the eags got rid of him. austin has been released. 13atches in 11 games this year a inactive yesterday gs the pats. the eagles may go to bed with a share of the nfc east division lead, depding on what hae th the redskins and cowboys. the game is tied,ut deshawn jason just fumbled a punt return inside of his own 15ard line and dallas tting up for e ga-winni field goal. if that hold up and dallas wins a three-way tie bween the the top all 5-7.nd eagles at the sixers 1-20 sta to the season led to jokes a now change. a hall ofamer and former gelo execute wi phoen to help gde this franise. colgelo gets theitle of airman of basketball operations working along side the g.m. sam hiie.
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colanlo plans to examine the team and organization from top to bottom. >> when you analyze ok where is this franchise, whe are the strgths, where arehe weaknesses? my job is to be here to helpn all of those areas. so i any there's a lot that can be done to be helpful. sixers and spurs, okafor back fromhe two-me suspension f the bch and aldridge scored 26 and sixers down 3points at half time. only gets worse from there. 18ff the bench, t sixers se 1168. the 51oint defeat is their worsof the season. back with more srts coming up after th. a high honor for a temple football player.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with the card most accepted by top doctors and specialists, you have the compassion and security of blue cross. giving you the strength to drive forward.
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independence blue cross. live fearless. temple linebacker tyler
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matakevich has won the bronko nagurski award given to the nation's best defensive player. and matt ule if he was renting he can bu templeiving him a six-year contract rning tough 2021 season. > college sketball, ninth nked villanova facg oklahoma in pearl harbor. 19 pots, 10 assists, a 15-4 run in the ear second half. and the first lossf the season and that's spor. and people in depord part to help those in need.
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the mayor and couilmembers with the drive helping local residents o nd extra help during the hiday season. donatns differedecember 17. and "jimmy kimm live" followed by "nightline." and his guests a t cast of rick ross.l eig and music from and nor cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the eire "tion news" team, i'm jim gardner good night. ♪
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